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Seagrass Gallery

Our seagrass rugs are gorgeous and simply one-of-a-kind. We are proud of how amazing our hand-made seagrass rugs are. Seagrass is a fiber naturally grown underwater that is extremely durable, very stain resistant, yet affordable. We can make you a seagrass rug in any size and shape you would prefer. We have a vast range of colors, from a light brown to a beautiful sage. Our 100% natural seagrass rugs can add a unique and authentic look to any home. You will never have to worry about these rugs being dyed, or having any toxins or chemicals on them as they are always 100% natural. Plus, our employees are friendly and happy to help you find the perfect seagrass rug for you! Once you get a seagrass rug and your friends see how gorgeous it is, they will want one too! Be a trend setter! Remember that your seagrasss rug is made from natural fibers, so you want to keep it in a dry humid free environment. They are durable, but like any natural fiber if left moist or in a humid area to long they can get mold and mildew. We look forward to showing you why our seagrass rugs are the most beautiful and unique around!

You can always reach us by: calling us on our phone number or by sending us an email through the link below. We look forward to showing you why a seagrass rug will be perfect for you. Don't wait for everyone else to get them first, get your seagrass rug today!

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